Everyday Dreamer

Living The Dream 

Hi, I'm Malehasa Moloi and this is my blog.

I Believe That
Dreams Do Come True.

But you first have to have a dream before you can see one come true.

So, what is your dream?


 This blog is one of my biggest dreams come true!

I’m a passionate dreamer, a personal development speaker, and an entrepreneur at heart.

I believe I inherited some of that from my father who was a phenomenal entrepreneur in his time. 

Since I started blogging my portfolio has expanded to include digital marketing consultant and web designer.

When I first started I Feel Great Today! I had no idea the extent to which blogging would change my life and the amazing people I would meet on my journey. 

I started as just a mom of three wanting to make money online so I could afford to home-school my kids while earning a significant income.

At first, I didn’t know what niche to choose. There were so many enticing, and lucrative options but, with my background in network marketing and personal development, teaching people to make money online became a natural choice for me. 

And so I started this blog where I teach ordinary people like myself how they can earn money from home and spend time with their loved ones.

In this blog, I give you quality content on Blogging, SEO, Making Money Online, and Practical business tips. 

I also review the best Software as a Service (SaaS) to help you make informed decisions when you buy tools to help you grow your online business.

In this blog, I hope to challenge you, inspire you and open your eyes to new possibilities. 

Possibilities like having the freedom to live the life you were created for, instead of the one you have settled for.

I will guide you on a financial journey that will finally set you free. 

Free to create the best memories of your life, spend time with the people you love, instead of people you only tolerate because you have to.

I want you to enjoy the best that life has to offer and live your dreams. I am convinced that blogging is one of the best vehicles for financial freedom available online today.

And I invite you to explore this journey with me. 

With that said, welcome to my blog, I’m so glad you stopped by. 

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